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HTC supplies Windows Mobile 6 upgrades

HTC is providing Windows Mobile 6 upgrades for popular models

Downloadable upgrades to get the latest Windows Mobile 6 version of the Microsoft -powered operating system will soon be available from HTC for its most popular devices, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to today.

The Windows Mobile device specialist is offering the free upgrade for a selection of its products, including recently launched messaging-centric devices such as the HTC Advantage, TyTN, S620 and P4350. Others lined up for upgrades include the P3300 and operator-branded versions of HTC-made devices.

Windows Mobile 6 offers significant performance improvements over the previous version, with email, messaging and search functionality also updated.

HTC is rolling out the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade from June, with operator-branded downloads becoming available "in line with our operator partners' strategies," the HTC spokesperson told us.

HTC has also begun shipping its first Windows Mobile 6 device, the HTC S710 (also branded by Orange as the SPV E650).