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HTC plans "at least" 3 Android phones in 2009

What's next from HTC's Android plans?
What's next from HTC's Android plans?

HTC's CEO Peter Chou has told reporters at a conference in Taipei that the company will be launching three Android-powered phones this year, with the possibility of even more.

Speaking at the Merrill Lynch technology conference, he was asked whether reports of multiple Android handsets are true.

Chou replied that the company will launch "at least" three new handsets based on Android in 2009, according to IDG News Service.

Leaked Hero

We've already seen the 'Android Hero' as part of the leaked HTC handset line up this year, so we can assume that, along with the recently announced HTC Magic, will make up two of the three to be released.

But the third is a mystery... in transitioning from the G1 to the Magic HTC decided to scrub the keyboard, and the HTC Hero looks a lot like a sharper version of the Magic, so it's hard to work out where the company will go next.

TechRadar has contacted HTC to see if we can find out any more information about the coming handsets, and most importantly, when we can actually play with them.

Via IDG News Service