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HTC Magic renamed T-Mobile myTouch 3G for US Android lovers

HTC's Magic becomes the myTouch 3G
HTC's Magic becomes the myTouch 3G

The normal order of the mobile phone world has been restored, as the HTC Magic, which the UK nabbed months ago, has finally landed in the US as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

After Apple has previously launched the iPhone in the US first and we're still yet to see a UK version of the Palm Pre even be announced, let alone released, it's good to see one of the 'big phones' of the year hitting our shores first.

Ostensibly the same phone as the Magic which wowed us in our recent in-depth review, the myTouch 3G follows the first Android phone in the UK, the G1, with T-Mobile branding.

Distinctive merlot

However, those of you Stateside feverishly awaiting the launch of the new handset will be giddy to know that you'll be getting more than us Brits: not only will the handset come in white, but black and 'distinctive merlot' are also options as well, as T-Mobile sticks two fingers up and blows raspberries at Vodafone.

It will be landing on 8 July for $199 (around £120) on a two years deal, which is far more expensive than the two year deal Vodafone is offering over here, as the UK gets the phone for free.

So come on Palm... hurry up and get us a UK version of the Pre. It's clearly not hard...