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HTC files 'invalidation action' against Apple in the UK

HTC - battling the might of Apple
HTC - battling the might of Apple

HTC's legal battle with Apple has taken a new twist, with the Taiwanese giant announcing that it had filed an 'invalidation action' against the US company in the UK courts.

The action is essentially a challenge to another company's patent that questions the validity on grounds of lack of information or that the holder did not invent the product.

HTC Corp. Made an official statement to announce the action adding: "we don't comment on pending litigation.

"As a leading smartphone innovator, we respect intellectual property of others and will defend our own intellectual property as needed."


The latest salvo in the increasingly bitter war between the two companies is just one of a number of lawsuits between various smartphone manufacturers.

HTC is under huge amounts of pressure because of the lawsuits from Apple – issuing statements that it was not worried after share prices dropped recently following news that Apple had scored an early win in the US courts.

From Nasdaq via TNW