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HTC announcing new phone at CTIA next week

HTC Inredible... magical... amazing
HTC Inredible... magical... amazing

HTC has looks very likely to announce a new mobile phone next week at the CTIA event in the US next week.

The official press materials from the event have been released, and contain this pretty concrete nugget of info:

"HTC will be showing a number of new and favorite HTC devices –including the recently debuted HTC HD2 on T-Mobile and an unnamed device that will be unveiled for the first time at CTIA."

HTC whispers

We've not heard anything about a new phone this side of the pond - but over in the US the HTC Incredible and the HTC Supersonic have both been rumoured and pictured for months.

But the Incredible, with its Snapdragon 1GHz processor, Android 2.1 OS and huge 3.7-inch screen, seems more likely as it was recently seen in FCC filings.

The bad news? This is likely to be a US modification of the HTC Desire, meaning no new phone launches over here for the foreseeable future.

But world domination for HTC means more phones, and given most of its recent ones have been corkers, we're fully behind whatever will be launched.

Via Mobile Crunch