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Facebook for Every Phone unveiled

Facebook. On a phone. We're living in the future.
Facebook. On a phone. We're living in the future.

Facebook has announced a new version of its mobile application specifically designed for non-smartphone users.

The idea is to make the mobile Facebook experience more accessible to both users that eschew the smartphone lifestyle and those in the developing nations where the advanced mobile is less prevalent.

Facebook is making a big deal about the fact the new application (which works on Java-enabled feature phones) will be less data-hungry than other Java applications, or browsing to the mobile website, allowing those without data plans to save a little cash.

Facebook reloaded

Facebook has teamed up with Three in the UK to offer 90 days of free access to the new application - thankfully, unlike drug dealers, we doubt Facebook will offer a smashing site for three months then start mixing the Java equivalent of Persil into the mix once new users are hooked on updating statuses anywhere.

The new application will run on over 2,500 mobiles on the market already, and Facebook is promising more compatible phones in the future too - if you want to try it for yourself, simply enter into your mobile browser to get going.

And if we've not painted a decent enough picture of the app, then why not check out Facebook's video of the new application in action? Be warned - it's running on a Nokia phone, so if you're one of the many commenters who have turned on the Finnish brand, steel yourself now.