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Admob claims Android has leapfrogged WinMo

Android having a big year
Android having a big year

New statistics from AdMob, the mobile advertising platform, are claiming Android has leapfrogged Windows Mobile, at least in terms of advertising requests.

Android apparently has five per cent of the worldwide OS share, which has put it ahead of Windows Mobile for the first time, according to the report.

However, this would indicate a heavy slide in mobile OS share for the MS platform from last year, when it had around 13.6 per cent worldwide.

Leading US

In terms of iPhone OS devices (ie the iPhone and iPod touch), the UK has five per cent of all devices worldwide, with the US leading the way on 58 per cent.

The analysis is based on the 16.8 million unique users on iPhone and iPod touch devices on more than 7,000 mobile sites and 2,500 applications from AdMob's network in June 2009, with many free to download.

If it is true, then it shows Google has managed explosive growth with the Android OS in less than a year, although with only two devices in the market it would seem unlikely users have overtaken the plethora of WinMo phones already.