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Oh great, now Nintendo Switches are warping in their docks

Ah the Nintendo Switch. First we had its well publicised Joy-Con syncing issues which caused the left remote to lose connectivity with the console, and now reports are emerging that some consoles are warping when used in the dock

It’s not yet clear why exactly this warping issue is occurring, but some users on the Reddit thread are speculating that the warping is occurring because the Switch is getting too hot with extended dock usage. 

Image credit: Reddit user '_NSR'

Image credit: Reddit user '_NSR'

Another user speculated that the warping was occurring due to the Switch’s battery bulging, but it was quickly pointed out that the battery is in fact on the other side of the console. 

If this is a widespread issue it would be a problem for many reasons. Obviously any warping in an electronic device is never good, but it’s especially bad for the Switch which needs to be repeatedly placed in, and taken out of, its hard plastic dock, which has reportedly scratched the console’s screen in the past. 

We’ve contacted Nintendo to ask for comment and will update this piece when they respond.