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Sony Tablet S price cut by $100

Sony Tablet S
Sony Tablet S hasn't been a runaway success despite solid critical acclaim

Sony has become the latest manufacturer to slash the price of its tablet, after the Japanese giant knocked $100 off the cost of its Tablet S.

The 16GB Android Honeycomb device is now permanently down to $399.99, while the larger 32GB model has also been cut to $499.99.

Sony is also sweetening the deal by throwing in some great free content for those who take advantage of the new lower pricepoint.

Buyers will receive ten free PlayStation Classic games, a 180 day subscription to the Music Unlimited streaming service, five free movie rentals and an $8 voucher to purchase more.

Another Sony failure?

The uniquely shaped Tablet S, along with its twin touchscreen sibling the Tablet P, was only launched in September.

A permanent price drop at such an early point in its lifespan suggests that the Tablet S has struggled to capture the imagination of tablet buyers.

It also follows the launch, and runaway success of the the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire and massive price cuts to tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom and HP TouchPad tablets.

Via: The Verge