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Powerful touch tablet rumoured from HTC


With Apple's iPhone the must-have gadget right now, many companies have jumped on the touchscreen bandwagon in search of a piece of the action. Now, it seems, HTC may be one of them.

According to a number of publications, HTC may be working on its first touch tablet, a bit of a departure for a company known primarily as a phone manufacturer. That tablet is lauded as a "never before seen" kind of device that could "revolutionise" the tablet industry.

Specs look tasty

Dubbed the Magnum, the prototype tablet is rumoured to offer an oversized OLED touch screen and an 80GB hard drive, with 2GB of memory and sporting an 800MHz Marvell processor.

And although these figures sound impressive on paper, some of the quoted specs seem a little unlikely. Despite the large screen, which sports just 65,000 colours, a 30-hour battery life is quoted, which we find debatable.

Regardless, no one knows yet if the Magnum really exists, or if it's just another rumour or a bit of geeky fun. But if HTC does announce the device, some of those questions will definitely need to be answered.