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YouTube's 60fps videos look awesome, provided you can handle them

Games that run at 60fps will now look right on YouTube
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YouTube can now play videos at 60 frames per second, a boon for gamers in particular.

The new videos look great, according to most accounts - at least from users who can view them properly.

But on less powerful machines 60fps videos actually look worse, with significant lag and lots of jumping around between frames.

Try harder

To enable 60fps playback on compatible videos simply use the gear icon on the bottom of the YouTube player to ensure that you're watching in HD.

You'll now see "1080p60HD" and "720p60HD" on some videos.

Unfortunately you also have to be watching videos in Chrome, and you definitely need to have hardware that can handle the higher frame rate as well.

Try the Titanfall gameplay footage above to see if yours can.