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Now Europeans can pay to promote their Facebook statuses too

Now Europeans can pay to promote their Facebook statuses too
"Just off to the cinema on my own again"

Facebook has confirmed that it is rolling its egomaniacal Promoted Posts for Status Updates feature out to testers in Europe.

The new feature has been in testing in the US and Australia for some time, and allows users to pay to ensure that all their friends see a particular status update, including Australia and the US.

It sets US testers back $7 a go – however, Facebook hasn't set an official price for Europe (although it should be around the £4 mark if a straight conversion is anything to go by).

Money talks

A spokesperson for the social network told us, "The price varies by country - and is something Facebook is still testing.

"If you're part of the test group, you can see what the price is in your market by clicking on the Promote link on a post."

As with the US launch, Facebook suggests promoting the fact that you're engaged or having a baby or something.

We prefer the option of paying to force either the mundane ("Plain cheese sandwich for lunch today"), heartbreaking ("Doing karaoke… alone") or annoyingly cryptic ("Off to do something really exciting!!!") on your pals. Because that's just how we roll.