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In a band? Now you can upload tracks to Spotify!

Ditto Music brings unsigned acts to Spotify
Ditto Music brings unsigned acts to Spotify

Ditto Music has announced a deal with Spotify to get unsigned acts onto the free music service.

Users of Ditto Music, where you can upload your music free of charge, will now be able to type their band's name into Spotify and see their tracks all there for the world to listen to (and therefore get paid lovely royalties).

Ditto Music does charge a £2 per month charge to be able to do so however, which it says includes 'server storage', so you might want to factor that in should you be so awful that you're only likely to make 20p per year from people listening in.

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Ditto Music, which has acts such as Lil Wayne, Tupac and even Samantha Fox in its catalogue, has made a name for itself bringing unsigned acts into the charts through digital distribution.

Spotify has dramatically changed the way users consume music and given artists a great new platform to get their music heard. There are over 1 million Spotify users; that is a massive audience for unsigned artists to benefit from," said Lee Parsons from Ditto Music.

US band Finch, with their creatively titled album 'Finch', will be one of the first available on Spotify through the new deal with Ditto Music.

Ditto Music via PR Web