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Bing still getting beaten by Live Search

Bing still not on Live Search's level
Bing still not on Live Search's level

Bing edged into 13th place in the web rankings this week, which means it has inched ahead of the likes of Digg and Twitter in the web traffic stakes.

However, 13th place still can't push the search engine ahead of its predecessor Live Search.

Live Vs Bing

While Bing has only been around since June, the search engine has been backed by a $100 million advertising campaign and much media hype.

This has led to the site garnering 49.57 million unique visitors in its first month, but Live Search is still ahead on 79.4 million.

This is all set to change, however, with the announcement that Bing is to come to Hotmail – currently a portal where Live Search is still in use.

TechCrunch has noted that the Quick Add feature of Hotmail is now loaded with Bing features, which could well point to a full rollout of Bing into Hotmail soon.

Via Mashable