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You can pre-order a Nintendo NX right now, but please don't


A gaming retailer in Australia has just opened pre-orders for Nintendo's next console, the 'NX'. You know, the one that was barely announced this week, and which we probably won't see for two years.

Nintendo promised to tell us more about its new home console next year. Even if it's revealed at, say, E3 2016, the console probably won't arrive for some while after.

Plus, we have no idea what it's even going to look like - it could be a donut, for crying out loud. Normally we wouldn't care so much, but EB Games, the retailer in question, is pretty big.

So just don't do it, yeah? We're sure Nintendo will cook up something awesome to make up for the faults of the Wii U, but we wouldn't be so silly as to literally put money on it right now - even if it's refundable.

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Via Kotaku