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Xbox 360 gamers love books more than PS3 owners

Own this? Why aren't you Go-Karting?
Own this? Why aren't you Go-Karting?

A new Experian Consumer Research survey comparing Xbox 360 and PS3 owners has thrown up some wonderfully frank and comedic results.

Apparently, Xbox 360 users are far more likely to say that they are unable to live without books than their PS3 counterparts.

But the PS3 contingent hit back hard on the newspaper front, with way more respondents (well, 103 compared to 60) saying that they would be dead if they didn't have newspapers.

The age of console owners is also interesting… with more in the 18-24 age bracket loving their Wiis, but with those at 44-years old being far more likely to own a PS3… almost twice as likely in fact.

It gets better

If you think that's funny, read on. In a frankly pointless psychometric statement test, the PS3 and Xbox 360 owners agree that "real men don't cry", although the Microsoft-ers state that they are "more interested in nature".

But while the Xbox 360 folk are reading their gaming magazines, PS3 are buzzing around go-kart tracks the nation over or playing board games.

The only question is…why on earth are people asking these questions?

Have a look at the report yourself here (after a few forms).