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Wii gets Sega Master System and C64 games

Mario seems quite glad that his Karting game is finally launching on Wii

Are you bored of Mario Kart yet? Have you been caning it since launch, err, this morning and want something new to play already?

Then you might want to head over to the Wii’s Virtual Console and download some classic retro games, in the shape of the first Sega Master System titles to hit the Wii.

For those too young to remember all the way back to 1986, the Master System was Sega's first 8-bit home console.

Wonder Boy

As of today, you can play platform game Wonder Boy (1987) or space shoot'em up Fantasy Zone.

There is also a bunch of Commodore 64 classics which have popped up on Virtual Console today, in the shape of Impossible Mission and California Games.

Each title will set you back around 500 Wii Points (£3.50) should you be starting to tire of Mario Kart already…

No? Thought not.