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Nintendo DSi XL launches

Update: See our Nintendo DSi XL review

Nintendo has launched its latest handheld gaming console in Japan this week – the DSi XL (or, 'LL' as it is called in its homeland).

For Nintendo fans, the launch of a new console in Japan is cause for both joy and regret.

Joy at the prospect of getting a US and European launch soon after. And, for some, regret at not being quicker to put in a pre-order on that import site a month ago!

The super-sized DSi XL should see the light of day in Europe at some point early next year – most likely around the busy Easter period if this year's DSi launch is anything to go by.

Ideal for elderly

Famitsu reports that a hundred customers queued outside Akihabara's Yodobashi Camera for the launch of the new 4.2-inch screened gaming console, which Nintendo claims is particularly ideal for the elderly gamer, due to its bigger eye-friendly screen.

More recently it was reported that Nintendo's handheld developers are still considering introducing a 3G-capable handheld at some point in the near future, with an eye on that increasingly lucrative smartphone market.

Stay tuned for more from Nintendo on its plans for a UK launch of the new DS XL very soon.

Via Kotaku