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Modder makes a tiny, working SNES out of a Raspberry Pi and clay


The original might have been made of cold, hard plastic, but 26 years on someone has finally gotten around to making a SNES out of clay.

The invention comes courtesy of YouTuber lyberty5 (real name Hugo Doris), who crafted the console's case out of clay before filling it with an emulator-running Raspberry Pi Zero. Nintendo NX, eat your heart out.

Clay play

You can watch the whole process unfold in the video below, but be warned that if you want to attempt the build the mini machine yourself you're going to need a dremel, glue, and naturally a lot of clay.

With Nintendo's NES Classic Edition coming in a couple of months time it looks like Doris' invention has a fight on his hands if it wants to be the cutest console remake around.