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Nintendo: 3DS tech won't be coming to televisions

Nintendo 3DS - stereoscopic
Nintendo 3DS - stereoscopic

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained why the glasses-free stereoscopic 3D technology in the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS is not likely to make the jump to television any time soon.

The world of 3D is still battling with people's aversion to wearing glasses, something the latest 3D-enabled handset from Nintendo neatly sidesteps.

But Iwata has insisted to GamesBeat that the need for a viewing sweet spot – much easier to provide in a handheld than a television – would limit the technology's use for television.

Parallax barrier tech

"With this parallax barrier technology, the LCD must be a certain distance away from the screen," said Iwata.

"It also needs a certain viewing angle. We think it is not a great match for the home TV set."

Iwata admits that he has no idea when somebody will make the breakthrough to allow truly robust glasses-free 3D to hit televisions.

"As one of the engineers, I can anticipate that someone will invent a 3D TV that does not require you to wear 3D glasses," added Iwata.

"As far as today is concerned I do not think they can do it well. We need an invention to make it happen. If you ask me when, I have no idea."

From GamesBeat via CVG