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Edward Snowden's favourite Pokémon is...


Whistleblower Edward Snowden recently caused a lot of buzz when he joined Twitter, amassing 1.3 million followers in just his first week.

Since joining the social network Snowden has talked about surveillance, water on Mars, and the fact he forgot to turn off email notifications, which led to a 47GB dump of messages in his inbox. Now he's answering the questions we really want to know, such as: what's his favourite Pokémon?

The question was asked by @alysonpizza, who told Snowden "Stop boring me with these surveillance tweets" and asked him to name his favourite Pocket Monster.

He responded: "How could it not be missingno?". For the uninitiated, MissingNo (the name stood for 'Missing Number') was an unofficial Pokémon that appeared in the original games, and could only be found if the player followed a very specific procedure.

Essentially, it was a glitch - a fitting choice for the former CIA employee - so not TECHNICALLY a Pokémon, Ed.