PS4 accessories: All the extras you need to own for your PlayStation 4

Best PS4 accessories

Games aside, you get everything you need to get up and running with your PlayStation 4 console in the box. Adding a few accessories into the mix can really enhance your experience though, whether it's giving you extra convenience or a more immersive challenge. 

However, you don't want to rush out and buy any old accessory. A quality console demands quality add-ons, and with that in mind we've pulled together the best of the best in this list, gadgets that will genuinely add to your gaming experience.

From VR headsets and wireless headphones to subscriptions and external hard drives, these are the accessories to get.

steering wheel

Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheel

Perfect for racing game fans who want an authentic experience

Strong sense of realism
Works with the PS3 too
Only really for racing enthusiasts

Like an arcade stick, a racing wheel with pedals isn't necessary for everyone, but if you take your racing games seriously then it's probably the number one accessory you can pick up. The ThrustMaster T300RS is worth every penny if titles like Project Cars 2 and Gran Turismo are among your faves.

Impressive precision is essential of course, but force feedback is the T300RS's most important feature – this uses motors to pull against your hands as you turn around corners, simulating the forces you'd feel in a real car. And as Thrustmaster uses a belt-driven system, here you get the smoothest, most realistic feel of any racing wheel that's not ridiculously expensive.

Sturdy design and solid pedals ensure it'll stand up over the long haul, and it's compatible with both the PS4 and PS3, letting you give last-gen gems fresh life with this killer wheel.

Best PS4 accessories

Turtle Beach EarForce PX24

Affordable cans for your PS4

Features: Amplifier which clips between the headset and the PS4 controller, boostable bass, Superhuman Hearing mode for first-person shooters and virtual surround-sound effects.

Superb sound
Impressively configurable
Light and comfortable
Cheap finish

Being on a budget doesn't mean you can't get a great gaming headset, and Turtle Beach's EarForce PX24 is a perfect example of a little money going a long way. Yes, this headset is more plasticky than its more expensive rivals, but it's robust and very comfortable to wear. 

Sound and configurability matter too, of course: the EarForce PX24 is way better than it has any right to be for its price in these areas. You won't find the same bass extension as some more expensive headsets, and the treble is somewhat dry, but it still sounds very good.

The PX24 uses an amplifier that clips between the headset and the PS4 controller. You can boost the bass, engage Superhuman Hearing mode for first-person shooters, and experiment with a virtual surround-sound effect.

Nice features like this as well as decent sound is unusual in such an affordable headset, and that makes the EarForce PX24 a great find.

ps plus

PS Plus subscription

Great for bargain hunters and the hardcore crowd alike

Free games every month
Choose how long to sign up for
Another subscription to commit to

Got a PlayStation 4? Great. Your next step should certainly be to consider PlayStation Plus subscription. Having Sony's membership plan, which is sold in one-month, three-month, and annual options, is the only way you can play PS4 games online and access cloud storage for saves, but there's a potentially even bigger perk: free games every single month.

That's right, at the start of every month Sony drops a handful of free downloadable games across the PS4, PlayStation Vita, and PS3, and they're yours to keep and play to your heart's content so long as your Plus membership is active. With two or three PS4 games free each month, as well as additional discounts during sales and other promotions, the membership rapidly pays for itself. Make sure you keep an eye on our best PlayStation Plus deals page.

Best PS4 accessories

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

Clean-sounding headphones that will definitely up your game

Incredible audio performance
Ultra-plushy earpads
Great value
Obtrusive design

There's plenty to like about Sony's new pair of Platinum Wireless Headphones, offering exceptional – and balanced – audio performance, with a mic that sounds "above average" according to the people we spoke to. There's also 3D Audio support that creates 100 'virtual speakers' for more immersive positional sound. 

That said, the Platinum Wireless doesn't have the same surround sound panache as the very top models.

Ultimately, it's hard to find a better value headset that's this easy to use and sounds this good overall. Those qualities definitely exist at a higher price, but if you're looking for something you can set up without a fuss, you're going to want a pair of these.

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Best PS4 accessories

Best PS4 accessories

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is the promised land for virtual reality on consoles

Near PC-quality performance
Good selection of games
Spotty motion controller tracking

Sony's PlayStation VR is no longer brand new red-hot tech, but it's still one of the best high-end virtual reality experiences around, not least because it's the only one that plays nice with a home console.

The headset is comfortable and immersive, and it's greatly helped by an increasingly impressive library of games. By the way, these are our picks of the best games on PSVR. 

Experiences you won't want to miss include the terrifying Resident Evil 7 (OK, some of you will want to miss this one) and Superhot VR. For the full experience you'll also need a PlayStation Camera and Move controllers, as many of the top VR games require them.

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Best PS4 accessories

ps4 camera

PlayStation Camera

Futureproof your PS4, and have more fun with it

Worth buying for PSVR
Useful for livestreamers
Selection of compatible games is limited

Unlike the Kinect on Xbox One, Sony's PlayStation Camera was never a big focus of the PS4 platform. However, it's well worth buying if you want PSVR as it's used to track your movements and translate those into gameplay. 

There are other uses for the Camera, as well: you can use it while streaming live games on Twitch, for example (your fans will want to see your face).

Games like Just Dance 2018 also use this accessory.

Best PS4 accessories

ps vita

PlayStation Vita

Play PS4 on the go using a PlayStation Vita

Incredible gaming
Solid construction
Brilliant screen

So, the  PlayStation Vita is actually an entirely separate handheld console but it works well as a sharp companion to the PS4, thanks to a killer, relatively little-known feature called Remote Play.

Essentially, Remote Play lets you play all your favorite PS4 games on the go by streaming them over an Internet connection to the Vita. That means you can dominate in Street Fighter V while snuggled up in bed, or play Uncharted 4: A Thief's End during downtime on a business trip half the country away from your console. As long as you have a strong connection, the Vita lets you take your PS4 games pretty much anywhere.

It's worth noting, though, that support for the PS Vita is rapidly declining and though you can still get some good PS Plus games for it, you'll find there are very few new releases.

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Best PS4 accessories


Samsung M9T 2TB hard drive

Recommended for anyone who plays lots of different games

Tons of extra space
Super affordable
Easy to setup
Requires some computer skills

As we all quickly discovered, 500GB just isn't enough space for active players this console generation, especially with all those necessarily game installations. If you're constantly deleting and reinstalling games to manage space, it's time to consider popping in a new hard drive, and Samsung's M9T 2TB drive is your best bet.

If you've never opened up a console (or computer) in your life, worry not: installing a hard drive on the PS4 is relatively easy, as our how-to guide shows, and it won't void your warranty at all. You'll need a 2.5-inch drive, and for the money, Samsung's drive fits the bill and quadruples your available space if you started with 500GB. It's a crucial upgrade.

Best PS4 accessories

Best PS4 accessories

Seagate 4TB External Hard Drive

Plug and play

Allows for a lot more games
Easy to use
Need to take care not to break it

Do you need more hard drive space for all the games you want to play but aren't overly keen on digging into your console's internals? You should definitely consider an external hard drive. 

External hard drive support was introduced in February 2017 and it was something of a revelation for those who were unwilling to consider an internal hard drive change. 

There are some great models out there but Seagate tend to make the biggest and the best of the bunch. This 4TB beast will hold around 100 games and since it's made just for the PlayStation 4 you know it's going to work well. 

Best PS4 accessories

Best PS4 accessories

PowerA DualShock 4 Dual Charger

A headache-blasting accessory, a real frustration-reliever

Charge while you play
Limit the chances of losing controllers
Another accessory to find room for

There's nothing worse than settling down for a long, lazy gaming session only to discover that your controller is dead. Now you're hunting for a charging cable and moving to make sure you're close enough to the TV – it's sure to infuriate you more than any trash-talking 12-year-old Call of Duty guru can. But there's an easy solution.

PowerA's DualShock 4 Dual Charger is a dock designed to keep two PS4 gamepads fully charged. Simply pop your DualShock 4 into the slot when you finish playing and it'll top off while you're not playing, ensuring the controller is ready to go the next time around. Also, you're less likely to lose a controller if you keep 'em docked.

Buy: Amazon UK | Game | Smyths Toys

Best PS4 accessories

PSVR Aim Controller

PSVR Aim Controller

PSVR Aim Controller

If you're using PSVR, then get this too

Enhance your PSVR experience
Get a game into the bargain
Can be expensive

If you enjoy playing first-person shooter games in PSVR then the PSVR Aim Controller is simply a must-have – it combines both a move controller and a DualShock into one integrated whole, transforming the experience of shooting down enemies in virtual reality. If only all VR accessories were this good.

You can find the controller sold separately if you hunt around, but most retailers seem to offer it bundled with a game at the moment, and the links below will direct you to a Fairpoint bundle: the game lets you blast your way through hordes of aliens using your PSVR headset and new aim controller.

Buy: Amazon UK | Game | John Lewis

Best PS4 accessories

Logitech Driving Force G29

Looks, feels and smells like the real deal

Features: (Wheel) Gear shift lever, 24-position adjustment dial, Force feedback, Soft rubber grip, Status LED, 900-degree wheel rotation (Pedals) Auto-calibration, carpet grip system

Comfortable leather upholstery
Smooth pedal operation
Table clamp on the short side
Bright colors on buttons

If you're planning to rip up the roads in Driveclub and Project Cars or take to the track in Gran Turismo, we suggest you get your hands on a good steering wheel to make the most of the experience. 

Superseding the Logitech G27, the G29 is the latest in Logitech's line of steering wheels and it's one of the best PS4-compatible wheels you'll come across. It has excellent force-feedback mechanics, a solid pedal board and a realistic leather wheel cover for a very reasonable price. 

Compatible with the PS4 and PC, this is a high-quality wheel that offers high-end extras at no additional cost. The only thing we'd like to see different is that a clamp on the underside capable of extending lower – it's a bit of pain for those with thick desks.