Logitech G923 racing wheel review

Next-gen racing gets a next-gen wheel

Logitech G923
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TechRadar Verdict

Substantial improvements and the TRUEFORCE force feedback technology works phenomenally despite its limited game support. Compatible with both current and next-gen consoles, the G923 is one of the best racing wheels at its price.


  • +

    Fantastic build quality

  • +

    Steering is phenomenal from simulations to arcade racing

  • +

    Forward compatible with Next-Gen Consoles


  • -

    Not enough games support TRUEFORCE Feature at launch

  • -

    No real noticeable improvements on pedals

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Two-minute review

Logitech has two decades worth of the best racing wheels behind it. As next-generation consoles are slated to hit store shelves, the hardware and accessory maker is already introducing its latest G923 racing wheel and pedals featuring grand improvements from the G920. The wheel still features the same caliber of materials, from the leather stitching to the metal pedals, incredibly sturdy steering, strong force-feedback and logical button layout all return. Set-up is also fairly easy by-way-of power adapter and USB cable.  Button placements and macros are customizable through Logitech’s GHub application to a respectable degree.

Logitech G923

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Building on that, the G923 adds some suitable refinements.  Working directly through a racer’s in-game engine, the TRUEFORCE force feedback system makes driving even more realistic. This comes via a new internal closed-loop motor control set-up. The G923’s firmware monitors all the current flowing through the wheel motors as a way to match outputs from game physics. 

Both the LED rev indicator and 24-Point selection dial from the Playstation 4 version of the G920 become standard for both consoles. Though the focus remains on the wheel, it would have also loved to have additional functionality for pedals and stick shift. Compatible with both the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, the G923 is as enjoyable now as it’ll eventually become once the next-generation consoles arrive.  

At launch, only four racing titles are completely compatible with the G923 including Grid (2019), Assetto Corsa Competizione, Gran Turismo Sport and iRacing. Fans of simulation-leaning racers have much to celebrate as the addition of TRUEFORCE does add a better sense of vehicle control, which can possibly lead to better lap times. Even games that don’t support TRUEFORCE get the added benefit of better force feedback through closed-loop motor controls within its firmware. 

Logitech G923

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PS4 owners with the mainstream sim leaning GT Sport already enjoyed the rev indicator and selection dial for adjusting torque, stability controls, brake force and other settings on the fly. TRUEFORCE makes the blockbuster Polyphony Digital developed game even better. Hardcore racing sims like Assetto and iRacing work incredibly well as well besides being extremely customizable control wise. 

Depending on one’s level of play, users will undoubtedly make use of all the wheel’s 900 degree turning radius. However, the best example of the G923 is with Grid (2019). Bridging the gap between sim and arcade like handling, it’s easy for beginners and the hardcore elite to dive in. 

It is disappointing that newer arcade-leaning racing titles like Need For Speed: Heat or middle-of-the-road open world racers like Forza Horizon 4 don’t receive the TRUEFORCE treatment. Would have really been nice to have some support for non-racing titles like Truck Simulator. Considering the wheel forward compatible with next-gen consoles, more games could potentially utilize the feature in the future. 

Breaking, cornering and various surfaces all feel better than ever on the G923. The pedals receive the least enhancements. A progressive spring and stiffer feeling on the brake pedal allows for some better heel-toe manuevers. Hopefully, Logitech can figure out how to have their pedals match the realism on their wheels without an insane price increase. Regardless, the entire build feels incredibly strong. Both the wheel and pedals are comfortable and ready for hours of continuous driving. 

Hardcore racing sim fans should have a lot to love with this wheel at it’s more middle-tiered  $399.99 (£350, AU$799) price point. Doesn’t hurt that the additional “H” pattern stick shifter attachment from the G920 is also compatible with the G923. Casual racers or those looking to play more arcade handling titles are better off getting a cheaper wheel where 180 degrees of rotation are required. 

Logitech G923

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

You're looking for an affordable sim ready steering wheel
The G923 features an innovative force feedback system through TRUEFORCE and tactile pedals that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

You want fantastic build quality
The leather stitching looks premium, the steel pedals are strong even under weighty heel-toe and it just doesn’t feel breakable under heavy steering.

You want a quality steering wheel compatible with next-generation consoles
Xbox Series X and PS5 compatibility means that the steering wheel should see support as racing games are released overtime.

Don’t buy it if...

You're not into sim racing
Arcade racing fans are better off getting a quality steering wheel that’s cheaper and doesn't require much needed sim features like the rev indicator and selection dial. 

You're a sim fan looking for more feature set
Individuals who either take their simulation driving hyper seriously or actually compete on a high level should probably spend money on expensive wheels from steering wheel makers like Fanetec.

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