Microsoft Xbox 360 cloud features hinted at

Microsoft Xbox 360 cloud features hinted
Microsoft say it cloud and say it proud

Brian Prince, Senior Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, hinted that he was working on some new cloud-gaming features for the Xbox 360.

Speaking at GDC China Microsoft's cloud expert said that he was "excited" about the features he was working on for the Xbox platform and mentioned that services like OnLive did represent the future of gaming.

When speaking about Onlive and the Intel-funded Gaikai, he said: "These are really gaming platforms as a service.

"There are some limitations here, but I really do think this is the distant future of gaming in the cloud."

He did note that there were some problems, explaining: "typically these platforms focus on AAA PC game titles.

"If you're not in that space, they don't want to talk to you as much. Another problem is that your gamers need high speed internet access. That's fine if you live in a city, but most of America doesn't live in a city, for example."

To the cloud

As for what exactly he was working on for the Xbox 360, well he didn't give much of the game away.

Instead he hinted: "You will be seeing things in the Xbox platform that's cloud-specific. I'm already doing it, it's really exciting, but I can't tell you about it or else I'll get fired."

Back in September the CEO of OnLive, Steve Perlman, told TechRadar that his service was not a competitor for Xbox or PlayStation – and that the service could easily run on these consoles.

Prince seems to be hinting that we will be getting something like this – but we very much doubt it will be labelled OnLive.

Other cloud-centric features are set to include signing into your Xbox Live account from any console and cloud storage of game saves.

From Gamasutra, via CVG