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First Xbox One update of the year brings Game Hubs and much more

But there's plenty more work to do

Microsoft has just detailed its first Xbox One update for 2015, and it's packed with a few more features than usual.

The headline act is the Game Gub, which gives every Xbox game its own little one-stop hub where you'll be able to view relevant content including in-game stats, leaderboards, video streams, and a list of which friends are playing at that very moment.

"It's a lot like your customised profile that represents you on Xbox Live; this is a customised profile that represents the game on Xbox Live," said Xbox's Major Nelson.

The introduction of transparent tiles will also be welcome for anyone using a custom background, while OneGuide will now show trending TV shows. Finally, Microsoft has expanded the database of compatible IR-blasting devices, meaning there'll be more set-top boxes and AV receivers that now work fluidly with the console.

For a full list of the new features, head over to Nelson's blog. Or just watch the video below.