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Nintendo Wii destroys PlayStation 3 in Japan

After obliterating the PS3 in the USA and Japan since launch, the Nintendo Wii is continuing its unrelenting domination of the games console market. Nintendo is now selling five times as many Wiis as Sony is PlayStation 3s.

It comes after the announcement last month that the Nintendo Wii was selling four times as many consoles as the PS3, a figure Sony must have thought could only improve. But it seems as though the PlayStation 3 is now falling even further behind.

The PS3 is the most powerful and high performance console available. But it appears that its high price has led to it being overshadowed by Nintendo's innovative and cheaper Wii.

In May, the Japanese public bought 251,794 Wii consoles, with Sony only shifting around 50,000 PlayStation 3s. The PS3 is however, more popular in Japan than the Xbox 360 , despite selling slower than the American console in most other markets.

Demolition job

Funnily enough, the duel between the Nintendo and Sony handheld gaming devices also tells a similar story. The Nintendo DS is selling five times as many units as the Sony PSP.