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Cloud computing, Nintendo style

Nintendo's latest DS stunt just a lot of hot air
Nintendo's latest DS stunt just a lot of hot air

God bless Friday afternoons. It's the only day of the week when we could run a story about promotional pink clouds with a straight face.

Nintendo wasted thousands of dollars, er, we mean pushed back the boundaries of guerilla marketing yesterday by launching into the sky hosts of foam clouds – called Flogos – in the shape of its bubbly character Kirby.

Is it time to go to the pub yet?

You'll never guess where this lacklustre stunt, whoops, joyous celebration of gaming joy took place. That's right – four towns in America called Kirby! (Alabama, Tennesse, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as you ask.) How imaginative!

It was all an effort to promote the launch of Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS on Monday, which I guess worked because I've just mentioned it. But I could also say: Don't go out and buy this game under any circumstances – spend your money on an Xbox instead! Does that even things up?