Accessories you might need for the new MacBook


If the MacBook's native 12-inch Retina screen is not big enough for your taste, you can connect the laptop to a larger HD or 4K monitor.

There are several ways to connect to an existing display or larger HDTV with your new MacBook. The most simple way is to get an adapter or USB-C to HDMI or DisplayPort cable to get a wired connection to your current desk monitor or HDTV setup.

Apple TV

A second way would be to get Apple TV. At its new lower $69 price tag, Apple TV allows owners of the new MacBook to mirror their laptop's display using AirPlay technology. All you need is to be connected to the same network.

Printers and scanners

Most businesses have either invested in a wireless workgroup printer or all-in-one that can print, scan and fax. As long as you're on the same wireless network, you can send your documents for printing to the shared printer.

Homes and smaller offices can also enjoy the conveniences of wireless printing. If you're in Apple's ecosystem with a Mac, iPhone, and iPad, you can leverage the power of AirPrint to send your photos, files, and documents for printing to a smaller home or home office printer.

Wireless printer

There are great solutions from Epson, Canon, and HP, and a few dedicated wireless scanners can even capture your documents and photos for digital archiving purposes without even requiring a cable to be connected to your MacBook. Many inexpensive wireless printers today start at under $100 (£700, AU$130) for either inkjet or laserjet quality.

Gone are the days of getting up from the couch to connect to a scanner or printer at your desk to scan or print a few sheets, and then having to return to the living room.

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Mobile hotspot

If you're still using a USB wireless modem on the go, now's the time to visit your favorite wireless carrier of choice and invest in either a smartphone with tethering support or a dedicated mobile hotspot.

Essentially, a mobile hotspot allows you to access a mobile 3G or 4G broadband network through WiFi. The hotspot pulls in the cellular data connection and broadcasts it to your Mac over WiFi so your Mac can get on the internet when you're away from a free WiFi connection.

If you're looking to stay within Apple's ecosystem, the iPhone's Instant Hotspot feature allows you to instantly share your phone's internet connection without having to enter in any passwords provided that both your iPhone and Mac are signed into the same iCloud account.

Mobile hotspot

If you'd rather not use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot, a dedicated unit is free with a two-year contract in the US and priced around $200 (£135, AU$265)without a long-term agreement.