Best mobile app development software of 2019

Best mobile app development
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Best mobile app development

1. Willowtree

2. Hedgehog

3. Intellectsoft

4. Fueled

5. Dom&Tom

Read on for our detailed analysis of each service

Apps mean business. While they may have been traditionally associated with general productivity and information retrieval, mobile apps are now an essential part for almost every part of a modern business. 

And it's no longer as simple as thinking only in terms of catering for native apps for iOS or Android phones, either, but also of web applications that can make it easier for your employees to run your business and for your customers to buy from it. The technology continues to develop, with the increasing availability of augmentation and machine-learning options to provide additional layers of information and communications into your digital services. Whether for marketing, retail, product development and deployment, as well as Software as a Service (SaaS), app development has come of age.

The market reflects this, with a huge number of companies out there that will offer to design and code apps, not just for iOS or Android, but also smart TV's, game consoles, and other hardware, as well as software solutions. To help you consider only the best companies for mobile app development, we've looked specifically to those who go beyond these and can instead look to implement any and all aspects of a full-feature digital platform.

The companies featured here may offer multiple software or design services, but app development remains their core service. Additionally, we've also listed only those companies who also have an established track record in providing popular apps. 

Here therefore is our featured list of the best companies for mobile app development.

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Image Credit: Willowtree

(Image: © Image Credit: Willowtree)

1. Willowtree

The flexible app developer

Major developer
Big brand clients
Certified partnerships

Willowtree specializes in custom app development, mobile marketing and strategy, product development, and webdesign. The company was founded in 2008 and has two main offices, one based in Charlottesville, VA, and the other in Durham, NC.

Willowtree  has over three hundred full-time staff and have launched over five hundred apps, websites and bots, for companies as diverse as National Geographic, CNBC, GE, Fox Sports, Nestle, Time Warner, and American Express. Willowtree is a Google Developer Certified Agency, Microsoft Xamarin Certified Premier Consulting Partner, Roku Development Partner, SAP Consulting Partner, and Adobe Solution Partner.

Willowtree began making apps for iOS in 2008, and have since become a trusted Apple Mobility Partner (MPP). The app development process focuses on the key areas of user-experience (UX), quality assurance (QA), security, and efficiency.

For Android app development they also focus on the technical competency of the Java architecture and code libraries used to ensure that the apps run fast across all devices and are memory efficient.

Additionally, Willowtree have years of experience working with a range of back-end software systems and can look at a range of design options to work with them based on cost, time to market, implementation and performance, scaleability, and security. 

Image Credit: Hedgehog labs

(Image: © Image Credit: hedgehog)

2. Hedgehog

The global British app company

Specialist developer
Big brand clients
Emerging technologies

Hedgehog labs brands itself as a global digital product consultancy, that specializes in mobile app design and app development. The company has offices in Boston, as well as in the UK and India. Clients include Mitsubishi, Santander, Akzo Nobel, and EDF Energy.

Hedgehog works to a four development process. It begins with a research and insight stage, where the company looks to your business model and how the brand aims to work in a mobile setting. This includes looking to product strategy and a five-phase design sprint.

Then they look to visual branding and service design, with a focus on the user experience and interaction. After that the project is turned over to a team of developers who can code for iOS, Android and Xamarin apps. Once launched, support and analytics is provided over the long-term so that clients can ensure they are getting what they need from their apps, as well as expand development where required.

Hedgehog also works with immersive reality and AI solutions, not least for the creation of augmented reality apps to create more tailored experiences, as well as chatbots to support communications and service. The company also works with a value system that aims to turn customers into fans.

Image Credit: Intellectsoft

(Image: © Image Credit: intellectsoft)

3. Intellectsoft

Apps for business software solutions

Mobile software development
Enterprise solutions
Cloud integrations

Intellectsoft brands itself as a digital transformation consultancy and software development company, with a specialization in mobile app development for enterprise software. 

Founded in 2007, Intellectsoft has offices in Silicon Valley, New York, as well as London, Oslo, Minsk, and Kiev. Clients include Harley-Davidson, Universal, NHS, Guinness, and Walk Disney.

Intellectsoft provides enterprise app development to help businesses work with more efficient digital and mobile platforms, in order to improve both workflows and productivity. They can use ready-made modules to put GPS, chatbots, augmented reality, and analytics, at the core of any app platform. These can then be tailored to your app so that the development process is more streamlined, and you don't have to pay for repetitive coding. Apps can be developed for iOS and Android, as well as hybrid and web app development.

The company works across most industries, providing everything from productivity to payments, marketing and communications, and are also involved with applying emerging technologies such as using blockchain for security and AI for improving customer experiences. Solutions can also be integrated with existing cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Image Credit: Fueled

(Image: © Image Credit: Fueled)

4. Fueled

Tanked up about mobile apps

Big brand clients
Focus on startups
Disruptive marketing

Fueled are an award-winning mobile development and design company, headquartered in New York but with offices across the country in LA, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas, as well as London, UK. Clients include HBO, Prosche, Vanity Fair, Hallmark, and American Express. 

While the company is associated with big brand names, most of their business comes from SME's and start-ups. Fueled very much markets itself as not just a company that works with disruptive technology, but also a disruptive company out to challenge market norms.

The Fueled design process begins by turning ideas into products by working against assumptions and levering their experience of the mobile market. Following that they look at branding and design to try and make your app standout. They then work in a development phases in two-week sprints, in which they look at the architecture and coding to allow for incremental quality assurance and testing. After launch, Fueled can help with marketing and maintenance as required.

However, the company do warn that any initial idea might turn into a solution for something else, and to expect the development and realization process to be malleable. This is especially as Fueled have years of experience seeing what sort of apps succeed, what sort of money apps can earn, and also what has the potential to become the next mobile tech trend. Additionally, Fueled are very much focused on the user experience, gained through different stages of testing and exploration, so that they can deliver something different to the ordinary.

Image Credit: Dom&Tom

(Image: © Image Credit: Dom&Tom)

5. Dom&Tom

For digital mobile platforms

Digital product deployment
Software suites
Blockchain security

Dom&Tom is an award-winning design, development, and digital strategy company, with a clear focus on the need for digital and mobile solutions. The company was founded in 2009 by twins Dom and Tom Tancredi, who merged their different interests of software development with project management. With headquarters in New York and Chicago, Dom&Tom clients include the NBA, GE, FitchRatings, and Samsung.

The company has a focus on software development that works across mobile platforms, from productivity to smart, from retail to data visualization. The app development process involves multiple stages, not least user research and competitive analysis, exploring product features and functionality, and all set to a product roadmap with prototypes at various stages. The end result can be a standalone app or a full-feature software suite, either of which can employ blockchain development for additional security or provide augmented reality or other emerging technologies.

While some companies focus on just the app, Dom&Tom look to full digital product deployment, which can involve integrating every aspect of software, web, and of course app, development. To date they advertise that they have delivered over five hundred web projects and over one hundred native apps.