Samsung Focus 2 (AT&T) review

Will Samsung mirror its Android success with its latest Windows Phone?

Samsung Focus 2 (AT&T)
Samsung returns to Windows Phone offering a capable alternative to the Lumia

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Like other Windows Phones, the Focus 2 handles all music and videos through the pre-installed Zune app.

While Microsoft's Zune devices never quite took off, the app offers a nice hub for all media on your phone, handling music, videos, and podcast either bought from the Zune Marketplace, transferred from your computer, or taken directly with the phone. It also acts as the hub for media apps, such as Spotify and the pre-installed AT&T U-verse app.

Getting your own media on the phone requires the free Zune Music + Video program installed on your PC, or the Windows Phone 7 Connector app for Mac users to sync their Windows Phone through iTunes.

The Zune app also features an FM radio tuner, which requires headphones plugged in to use as the antenna. Many will likely ignore it for internet radio apps, but the simple interface functions quite well and allows you to save your favorite stations.

The standard speakers on the Focus 2 aren't quite up to the task of regular music playback, though it fares better with headphones plugged in. Video is limited by the Focus 2's 800 x 640 resolution display to prevent it from playing true HD video, but colors still look crisp if you opt to watch TV shows and movies on the small screen.