Nokia 7230 review

Can Nokia's budget 3G slider really mix it with the best?

Nokia 7230
The definitive Nokia 7230 review

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Nokia 7230

To use a footballing analogy, the 3.2MP camera on the Nokia 7230 is very much a 'game of two halves'.

In general terms, the camera is incredibly simple to use, just hit the camera icon and you'll be able to capture stills in landscape or portrait format, with extras like a self-timer, white balance and effects (greyscale, sepia, solarise etc) giving your average low-end compact a run for its money.

Indeed, we were quite impressed with the detail of the snaps we took out and about compared to what we expected.

Nokia 7230

OUT AND ABOUT: A country walk captured with a good amount of detail

Nokia 7230

REDUCED LIGHT: Even in the woods, the amount of detail captured by the Nokia 7230 is impressive

But there's no flash on the Nokia 7230, making the camera here a reliable outdoor friend on a bright day, but less than able in a pub, club or simply around the house.

Nokia 7230

INDOOR PHOTO: A typical bright spring day outside, but the 7230 struggles to offer any kind of clarity on a room shot

Nokia 7230

INDOOR DETAIL: Quality improves indoors for detail rather than a wide shot, but still struggles for clarity

Nokia 7230

EFFECTS: A similar photo is much improved with the addition of the sepia effect for a follow-up shot

Video is a bonus, but don't expect to be the next Spielberg with it. Quality is shaky and colours a little off, nice for a quirky little clip of the dog in the garden, not great for recording a special birthday.

(Video: video0001.3gp)

IN THE PARK: Bright outside, but that's not easy to see with this grainy video footage

(Video: video0000.3gp)

IN THE WOODS: A lack of light makes the detailing of the video clip even harder to view

Nokia 7230

On the plus side, Nokia makes it nice and easy to share your moments. The previously-mentioned picture messaging is your obvious way of doing this, but you can also directly upload to Flickr (via the built-in app) or go for Nokia's own Share on Ovi, again pre-loaded onto the handset and all easy to use once you've signed up.

There's also a fourth option – with Bluetooth built-in, you can fire over to another device wirelessly. All a bonus, but you do wish there was some kind of flash too, because the camera could and should be a real selling point.