Nokia 7230 review

Can Nokia's budget 3G slider really mix it with the best?

Nokia 7230
The definitive Nokia 7230 review

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Not one, but two email browsers are offered with the Nokia 7230, the Opera Mini browser and a separate on-board browser from Nokia.

Nokia 7230

Opera is always a solid web solution and that's certainly the case here.

A good zoom function works well with the relatively small screen, pages of our favourites sites render in a decent web-like manner and sites that give thought to mobile access (TechRadar and the BBC for example) come out particularly well.

Indeed, connectivity was brisk for most of the sites we loaded, even when the connection dropped from full 3G. Obviously you can bookmark your favourite feeds and sites, making the browser here a definite plus.

But if Opera isn't your bag, there's always the Nokia browser. It renders just as well, but nowhere near as fast and with far less options than Opera.

It also renders in 'full size', so you'll need to do a bit of scrolling around the page too to find what you want. But essentially it's horses for courses.

Try them both out, you'll certainly prefer one – just stick to that one in future.

Nokia 7230

Alternatively, if your web use is pretty much confined to using Facebook and MySpace, just load up the on-board apps for both services.

Yes, you can access the full selection of apps at the Ovi Store, which is just a click of an icon away, but Nokia knows its audience and offers the two social networks apps as standard. No Twitter? Sadly not, but two out of three isn't bad - although we're not sure if anyone really uses MySpace any more.

Nokia 7230

The Facebook app in particular is fairly strong, offering pretty much everything you get on the web-based service – messages, photos, networking, friend-finding – it's all here on the go, possibly even beating the inbuilt options on phones like the HTC Legend.

Likewise, MySpace offers up all the information and editing options, even if the layout of a little more functional.