Nexus 6P review

Google's second-generation phablet now runs Android Oreo

Nexus 6P review
Nexus 6P review

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The Nexus 6P is one of the best Android phones you can buy right now, given its top-of-the-line specs for a more affordable price. It's easier to hold and takes better photos.

That wasn't a big surprise to me in this review. This phone was always going to be better than the Nexus 6, as much fun as I had with the ridiculously big screen. Where the 6P fits into the current crop of Android phones remains the biggest question over my week of testing it out.

Google Nexus 6P review

We liked

I can hold the Nexus 6P in one hand without dropping it, although it takes two hands to operate. That's a relief for anyone who couldn't adjust to the Nexus 6. The back of the phone has a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor and the front fits in loud-sounding stereo speakers.

It has Android Marshmallow 6.0, which is worthwhile simply for its battery-saving tricks. The best part is that you get all of these features and a fast processor for a lower-than-average price. For these reasons, this is the best Nexus phone and one of the best Android phones right now.

We disliked

That said, this phone is not for everyone. There are more full-featured phones out there from familiar names, like Samsung and LG. The Nexus 6P's hardware isn't as fast as those rivals' flagship phones, and it's missing a few of their best camera software tricks.

There's no wireless charging or optical image stabilization integrated into this phone. These are two things that are becoming standard among the best smartphones. Really, though the biggest problem for this new Nexus phablet is that there's so much competition.


The Nexus 6P is a luxury phone without the premium price to match. Behind its aluminum finish are powerful phone specs that nearly keep up with Apple and Samsung's flagship phablets. That's because the Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor gives Qualcomm's troubled chip new life, plus 3GB of RAM is just enough to future-proof the phone.

As for USB-C… it may be ahead of its time. Consider yourself an early adopter when it comes to this and Android Nougat. The Nexus Imprint fingerprint sensor is right on time, even if it landed on the back of the phone, and Google finally catches up to Apple's Touch ID. This method offers just as much speed and accuracy.

Google's super-sized phone is thinner, lighter, stronger and easier to hold, making it a true step up from the Nexus 6 in every way imaginable. No, it's not fast as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ – and the 12.3MP camera is comparable, not always better. But this is the best phablet for the price, hands down, and returns the Nexus brand to its more affordable and palmable roots.

First reviewed: October 2015

Matt Swider