HTC Touch Diamond review

This is a great handset with a wishlist of features that work really well

HTC Touch Diamond
The HTC Touch Diamond proved a quick and responsive device to use

TechRadar Verdict

Not so much a work phone, this HTC device instead excels more with multimedia


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Attractive styling

  • +

    Responsive and fast operation

  • +

    Great software


  • -

    Unable to expand memory

  • -

    Typing can be awkward

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At one time, HTC made handsets for other companies, but it is increasingly making a name for itself in the Windows Mobile space.

The Touch Diamond (£450 inc. VAT) has a high-gloss finish and the faceted design on the back helps give it its name.

The quality of the plastic used is variable, as the back of the device is solid but we found the front a little less robust. The glossy finish also means you'll be constantly polishing the 2.8-inch screen.

Navigation keys

The touchscreen display is fairly responsive, but as many of the buttons you need to access are very small, the supplied stylus is a welcome addition.

Below the screen is the standard D-pad, as well as four buttons covering Home, Answer, Hang-up and Back. They respond well, but the plastic feels a little soft.

The tri-band phone can be used anywhere in the world and also supports HSDPA 7.2 as well as HSUPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. When it comes to email, we found it incredibly easy to set up and you can have your email pushed to you at steady five-minute intervals.

User-friendly software

HTC has taken Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system and all but covered it with an interface of its own called TouchFLO 3D.

It's an incredibly graphic piece of software that is highly intuitive to use. For instance, the Home page has a simple look to it that covers all the main tasks you're likely to use but once you start to explore you'll find HTC has added plenty of functionality.

Instead of Windows Explorer, HTC has opted to bundle Opera Mobile, which is a robust platform and we found when we hooked up to websites using either HSDPA or Wi-Fi, they tended to load quickly and smoothly.

Pages retain their original aspect ratio and you can zoom in on details with a double-click.

No memory expansion

When it comes to writing emails and messages, this isn't the best of devices.

You'll need to use the stylus and you can opt for a range of onscreen keyboard styles, such as phone input with just 12 buttons, full QWERTY or even compact QWERTY with 20 keys. However, it's not only work the Touch is intended for, as HTC is pitching this device as a multimedia device.

So along with standard PDA applications, it can be used for music and movies. One disappointing aspect of the HTC is its internal memory. With 4GB of Flash memory and no means to expand this, you'll find yourself limited to the number of files you can carry.

The HTC Touch Diamond proved a quick and responsive device to use. We were impressed with how well it responded in our tests. Battery life proved reasonable but you'll still find yourself charging it on a regular basis.