Internet on the HTC Magic is something of a conundrum. On the one hand, it's a great browser with the ability to have multiple windows open at once, and on the other, it's a little tricky to navigate and get the page to fit the window properly, although the Webkit browser does have a very good go a providing a decent mobile internet experience.

While the mobile sites, such as BBC and Wikipedia, are formatted perfectly for the Magic's screen (and scrolling through them with the responsive touchscreen is a real dream) full HTML sites such as TechRadar are a different story.

Smooth browsing

When entering a new web address (which also doubles as a search bar, with auto-complete of previously entered addresses and simultaneously searching Google and providing results) you're taken to a large version of the site, which you can either zoom out of using the on screen zoom buttons, or hit the magnifying pane to see the whole page and have a square that lets you look around to your chosen portion.

There is no perfect way to display full HTML on a mobile device, as you either have to zoom in to see text, reformat it, or zoom so far out you can see the whole pane.

While the Webkit-based browser on the HTC Magic might not be as intuitive as Safari when it comes to double-tap reformatting, it still does a very good job and bridging the gap between full desktop and mobile browsing.

The little animation that allowed you to change between windows was also pretty cool, and as mentioned multiple windows meant we were never told we'd hit the maximum available, so we could continue browsing as we wanted, with the last webpage never being shut down on exit unless we forced it to.