HTC Explorer review

Budget Android smartphone that looks good - apart from the touchscreen

HTC Explorer
This starter Android smartphone is intuitive in its touchscreen interface

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Like the handset's stills camera, the HTC Explorer's video recording capabilities fall far short of the desired levels, with the 480p capture resolution again offering little in terms of encouragement for first time smartphone users. Once again this fails to promote continued use.

The lack of an integrated LED flash once again rules out the option of indoor shooting for anyone keen on even half decent results, while those attempting to capture video content in a bright, naturally lit outdoor environment will face a considerable amount of blurring and pixelating.

HTC Explorer review

With the distinct lack of customisable settings coming across from the stills side of things, you are only able to add a selection of lifeless filters to video content, an inclusion that hardly enhances the handset's abilities.

Rounding off the collection of less than impressive features, the HTC Explorer's integrated microphone generates a considerable amount of static and background noise on self-shot video content.

Like the stills camera abilities, the HTC Explorer's video camera finds a little reprieve in its lens location. Residing in the upper centre section of the handset, the camera is unobtrusive and enables content to be comfortably captured in either portrait or landscape forms without the worry of stray fingers making unwanted appearances in the resulting content.