HTC Desire 610 review

Great build quality and software for the price - but that's not enough

HTC Desire 610
Great build and some brilliant features, but not quite great value

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There is a lot to like about the HTC Desire 610. The software is good and the performance excellent. It's built very well, and is light and easy to hold. There is a solidity to the phone without it feeling like a brick.

HTC has included a wide range of connectivity options, and the Desire 610 has every feature you would want from a modern smartphone.

Unfortunately, it's rather let down by a lacklustre design with large bezels. Boomsound could have mitigated that disappointment, but the speakers just aren't good enough. The camera is rather weak and the battery life only average as well.

We liked

The HTC Desire 610 is smooth and slick in use, thanks to well-thought-out software with some useful additions that do not detract from stock Android.

The superb gallery app with fun video highlights is a particular highlight, and helps you make the best of the photos you capture.

The range of connectivity options means you never feel like this is a budget offering, and solid build quality paired with a relatively light frame makes it a comfortable phone to hold and use.

We disliked

The screen is fairly poor and the resolution too low. Its cool colour balance makes extended use fatiguing on the eyes. There are further visual problems, as pictures lack detail and sharpness even in good light.

Bulky bezels on all sides of the screen make the HTC Desire 610 look and feel too big. Ultimately, the price is just too high for the overall package and it lacks a truly outstanding feature.


Competition is fierce in this part of the smartphone market and there are better options at even lower prices than the HTC Desire 610.

While it does deliver in its range of features, the Moto G betters it in almost every way with a superior screen, better battery life and equally successful software. The LG G2 Mini also offers a better overall compromise at a similar price.

The Desire 610 has some of the best build quality and arguably the best software available at this price as well as a smooth and fluid interface, but that isn't enough in the end to make it a truly compelling device.

First reviewed: July 2014