HTC 7 Pro review

The HTC 7 Pro brings a keyboard to the Windows Phone 7 party

HTC 7 Pro
The definitive HTC 7 Pro review

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HTC Pro review: Internet

The improved Internet Explorer you get with Windows Phone 7 is a vast improvement on what Microsoft bundled with the previous version of Windows Phone (Windows Mobile 6.5).

For a start, it benefits from the high-resolution, 480 x 800-pixel screen and so is able to show plenty of detail. Pages load quickly – and we particularly enjoyed using the browser over Wi-Fi.

However, over both 3G and Wi-Fi the speeds are still dwarfed by the best Android and iOS has to offer - we really hope Microsoft picks this up in future updates.

HTC 7 pro

Full-screen views are easily zoomed into with a double tap, and text reflows. However, zoom in further and you lose the reflow, which is a nuisance, though not unprecedented.

HTC 7 pro

What we really like is that you can easily pin a web page you like to the Home screen, making it really easy and fast to come back to it later without having to fiddle around with bookmarks.

You can have multiple pages opened at once, and easily switch between them by tapping an icon on the bottom of the screen.

HTC 7 pro

So far, so good, but the lack of Flash is disappointing when it's becoming commonplace on Android and HP webOS.

Something Microsoft seems to have 'forgotten' to fix as well: when in landscape mode, the bookmark and tab icons are lost until you flip back round to portrait mode, meaning constantly opening and shutting the HTC 7 Pro to just switch windows - we really hope this is fixed in the future.