HTC 7 Mozart review

A Windows Phone 7 handset with a musical and photography focus

The definitive HTC 7 Mozart review
The definitive HTC 7 Mozart review

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Internet Explorer for Mobile is another phrase that strikes terror into the hearts of phone geeks everywhere. At the time of writing, and probably at the time of reading no matter when you do, Internet Explorer is the only web browser available on Windows Phone 7.

HTC 7 mozart

Not to worry, though: it's not that bad! The speed at which it renders entire web pages on the HTC 7 Mozart is pretty impressive, fitting the whole page to the 3.7-inch screen. From here, zooming in is a pinch-to-zoom affair, and the text re-renders so you don't end up with fuzzy, pixellated text.

Although it doesn't auto-fit content to the screen as you zoom, you can double-tap to zoom back out to a full column, then double-tap again to zoom all the way out.

HTC 7 mozart

Multiple sites can be open at once thanks to tabbed browsing – up to six tabs can be on the go. Switching between them is simply a matter of tapping the 'tab' button then choosing whichever one you want.

Be warned: if you have six tabs open in the web browser then click on a saved web shortcut pinned to your start screen, the HTC 7 Mozart will override one of your open tabs and you won't be able to use the back button to return to the previous site.

There's no Adobe Flash support on the HTC 7 Mozart at present, or indeed on any of the Windows Phone 7 launch handsets. However, Microsoft has included a work-around so that you can view YouTube videos either on YouTube itself or embedded on other sites.

To be able to do so, you'll have to download the Video Player for YouTube from the Marketplace; unfortunately, it doesn't come pre-installed on the HTC 7 Mozart.

There's currently no way to copy and paste on the HTC 7 Mozart either – Microsoft has said this much-lusted-after tool will be making its way to all Windows Phone 7 handsets in a software update in January 2011. This makes sharing specific areas of a web page pretty much impossible. You can share links via email or SMS, however – it's an option in the pull up menu at the bottom of the screen.

HTC 7 mozart

One handy web browsing tool is 'find on page' which we also saw on the HTC Wildfire. This enables you to search the text on the web page for the specific area you're interested in. You can also set the HTC 7 Mozart to show you the mobile or full internet version of each site in the settings tab.