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Jabra Solemate review

There was a white speaker that looked like a shoe...

Jabra Solemate
Jabra Solemate


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Fairly small
  • Rubber foot isolates and grip


  • Price

We've wanted to like one of these portable Bluetooth speakers for a while, but when we've fired one up to see what they can do, we were largely underwhelmed.

But here's Jabra, a company best known for producing Bluetooth earpieces, aaaaand… by jiminy, it's made something quite impressive.

Now, it's important that you caveat each upbeat statement with '…for a device of this size'. For example: the sound is rich and loud… for a device of this size. It's great for TV, games and even music… for a device of this size.

What we're saying is that, unless your standards aren't very high, we recommend against using this as your main speaker for music. Calm, sensitively produced acoustic stuff sounds good, but if you try to belt the Foo Fighters through this, it struggles not to smoosh everything together.

Still, there's a decent bit of bass thanks to the dedicated bass driver. The design and build are terrific, too.

Available in yellow-accented black as well as the white you see here, the sneaker-inspired rubber base isn't just for show. It provides a grippy surface that isolates the speaker from vibrations, and also hides a cable with 3.5mm jacks to supplement the wireless Bluetooth connection.

The only thing not to like, really, is the price. £150 is a lot money for a speaker that is mostly only good for its size - our beloved Logitech S715i (under half the price) sounds much better - but it's not wholly unjustified.