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UMU Stop Thief review

Fight back against pickpockets with remote security tools

UMU Stop Thief
Possibly the best way to find a lost or stolen phone with the added reassurance your data will be deleted

Our Verdict

A very clever way of making sure nobody gets into the data on your phone in the result of losing it as well as having the added bonus of possibly finding it


  • Phone locking
  • Data deletion
  • Coordinate messages


  • Didn't delete calendar

UMU Stop Thief is a security application aimed at smartphone users who are unable to lock their phones remotely and who wish to be able to delete their data.

The application is available for phones running various Symbian, Windows CE and Windows Mobile OSes, but other mobile OS users are left out in the cold.

Setup is pretty simple. Once installed, you'll be prompted to enter a password, which will be used to lock the device via SMS. Configuration is simply a matter of choosing the level of protection you want, from simply locking the phone to wiping various levels of data, such as contacts, email and personal files.

In testing, we successfully deleted most data from the phone and memory card, although the calendar was left intact.

You can also enter up to three phone numbers that will receive the phone's GPS coordinates and a notification if the SIM in the handset is changed. You might not get your phone back, but you can at least try.