Trend Micro PC-cillin IS 14

A well-priced alternative to mainstream antivirus software

Our Verdict

A well-priced security package


  • The user-interface is colourful and simple

    Comprehensive firewall


  • Lacks the range of features of McAfee's Internet suite

With well-known brands such as Norton and McAfee around, it's easy to dismiss the smaller companies when it comes to Internet security. However, offering similar products at cheaper prices, it may be worth you considering the alternatives. Trend Micro's PC-cillin Internet Security 14 (£40 inc. VAT) offers all the features you'll need to keep your laptop free from problems.

Setting up the software is quick and easy; we found it noticeably quicker to install than Norton's Internet Security 2007. This is partly because you're not required to fill in a product code, although you are asked to register the product online.

The user-interface is colourful and simple, and we found it intuitive to use. The buttons are all large and clearly labelled, with features listed at the side, and an overview of each in the centre.

The features are split into separate categories. The first of these is anti-virus software. It's possible to set up schedules for virus scans, or it can be done at random. If a virus is found, it is placed in quarantine. This lets the user attempt to clean the file, to stop deletion if it's important, or to delete it if necessary. It's also possible to scan emails, from regular clients such as Outlook to web-based applications such as Hotmail.

As with the other security packages, You'll find anti-spyware features included, which help to keep your laptop free from unwanted programs that may be gathering information. If potential spyware is discovered, it will be moved to quarantine, protecting your laptop while giving you ultimate control over what is or isn't deleted.

An anti-phishing feature offers protection from Internet fraud, with a simple wizard- based menu that helps you to set up the level of protection required. The software enables messages to be filtered, and prevents unauthorised access to private information such as credit card details.

Trend Micro includes a comprehensive personal firewall with its Internet security suite, and it's easy to set different levels of security for home or office networks. One of PC-cillin's most appealing features is the ability to centrally manage all aspects of security on other laptops in your home network.

It's also the only package in the group to alert you if intruders are using your wireless network, enabling you to increase security.

Offering a similar package to Norton's Internet Security 2007, but at a lower price, PC-cillin makes a strong case for itself. It's also easy to set up and manage. However, it still lags behind McAfee's Internet suite when it comes to the range of features on offer.