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Stunt Software On The Job 3 review

Stunt Software's time-tracker comes of age with this major update

Stunt Software On The Job 3
Keep track of all your finances and employees with On The Job 3

Our Verdict

A usable and efficient application that has enough depth where it matters


  • Smart, efficient interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Configurable where it matters
  • Customisable invoices


  • Can't save custom searches
  • Basic multi-user support

Despite offering basic invoicing, On The Job 2 was essentially a dependable time-tracker. A long time in the making, On The Job 3 is a complete rewrite, positioning the application to rival Billings.

On first launching On The Job 3, its interface appears similar to its predecessor's, centred around a single-window interface offering a timer bar, clients sidebar and main content area for housing job details. In basic use, you set up clients, add jobs and create timers. On The Job tots up overall spend based on user-defined hourly rates.

However, the gulf between versions 2 and 3 becomes clear in use, from small tweaks (the ability to drag multiple items; the way jobs can be nested in folders; the option to override default rates), to the radical overhaul afforded to item information and invoicing.

The interface is extremely straightforward throughout, and there's rarely any need for help files. The new menu bar extra is a nice touch, providing system-wide timer access. Elsewhere, dialogues and buttons are all clearly labelled, and although the interface isn't customisable, options exist to change things like date formats, timer animation and deletion confirmation.

Invoicing is undemanding, and can be restricted to job, client and date range. The built-in templates are reasonable, and the editor enables you to create your own. Outstanding invoices are trackable via the sidebar and overdue ones are flagged.

Overall, this is a first-rate update with few shortcomings. We miss the robust reporting from Billings (something On The Job could match if custom searches were saveable), but On The Job is a simpler application, suited to single-user no-nonsense invoicing, and that's much of its strength.