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LogMeIn Free review

Need a simple way to control Macs and PCs over the internet? Easy!

Here, we’re controlling our Mac mini from a Windows PC running Internet Explorer.

Our Verdict

One of the most useful software releases of the last 12 months; it works and it’s free


  • It just works – and seems to be stable
  • Free
  • Works with multiple monitors
  • Use any browser to control remote Mac


  • Some Windows language remains
  • Free edition lacks some features

Most folks these days regularly use more than one computer. However, no matter how hard we plan, there are always occasions when we're sat in front of the wrong one.

But that's all set to change. Sure, Leopard has introduced Back to My Mac for .Mac subscribers to connect to their Macs over the internet, but it's not a perfect solution. It's
paid-for, only works with Macs running Leopard, and sometimes just doesn't work.

Multiple platforms

LogMeIn is different. It already exists on Windows, but it has only just launched for the Mac. After you install LogMeIn Free on the Macs (or PCs) you want to control, all you have to do is go to and you can control them from any browser you like - even the iPhone.

There are some limitations: the free edition doesn't have any way to copy files from the remote to the local computer - though you could send files via email - nor does it enable you to share printers; we expect the Pro edition will address these. Additionally, behaviour with command keystrokes - C+[W], for example, to close a window - is unpredictable, sometimes affecting the controlled Mac and sometimes the controlling one, even when the plug-in has been installed. Some annoying PC-centric language also lingers on.

Quality is good - it can be throttled manually, or automatically adapt to the bandwidth - and security, though we got some annoying security warnings, is adequate, thanks both to SSL encryption and the fact that the username and password of the remote Mac also has to be entered.

Ultimately, however, the reason LogMeIn Free gets a rare MacFormat Choice award is that it just works. Regardless of platform, browser or network configuration, we have access to our Macs and PCs from anywhere in the world. All this, and it's free, too.