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Connected Flow Viewfinder review

Search Flickr's 4 billion photos in seconds, and filter them by licence with a single click

Connected Flow Viewfinder
Viewfinder's designed to make searching Flickr faster and easier

Our Verdict

Brutal in its focus, as is its point. Perfect if you regularly search Flickr


  • Fast, efficient and stable
  • Desktop/Keynote integration
  • Useful search filters


  • Limited photo info shown

Flickr's a monster, housing billions of photos with varying licences. Finding images is time-consuming, and this was the impetus behind Viewfinder – the author had been driven to the brink searching for relevant, high-quality Creative Commons images for a presentation.

Viewfinder takes Flickr, ditches everything bar the search, and encases what's left in a sleek interface. Type a search term (the search menu enables titles or tags to be targeted), tap the Enter key and results appear in a grid format.

Buttons beneath the toolbar enable you to filter results by licence, sort type, and the minimum size of the shortest edge. By default, the app loads up to 100 images, but Load More lets more be displayed.

Images are sent to your Downloads folder via a double-click, and toolbar options and shortcuts enable you to set an image as your desktop background or send it to an open Keynote presentation.

Other timesaving devices include the automatic creation of an HTML block for pasting an image into a blog and copying the image's attribution over to the clipboard.

In use, Viewfinder is fast and highly focused – perhaps a little too much at times, since you can't explore images related to your results. However, it would be silly to criticise an app designed for focus for being too focussed.

And since Viewfinder's speed beats online tools like and feature packed Mac Flickr clients like Flickery, it's ideal if you regularly search Flickr.

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