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Yosemite FileKeeper Pro 2.8 review

Make sure your data is securely backed up with this handy software

Our Verdict

An easy to recommend backup tool that won't take up bundles of space on your PC


  • Simple installation
  • Speedy and effective
  • Not a drain on resources

Yosemite recently carried out a survey and discovered that 76 per cent of laptop users never back up their hard drive, let alone just before going on a trip.

If you lose your laptop, you lose all your data, so it pays to back up often.

User-friendly software

One of the main reasons people don't back up regularly is due to the difficulty of most software. Yosemite has streamlined the process, making FileKeeper the easiest software we've used.

It's a quick and easy install, with an icon being placed in the right-hand corner of your System Tray.

You'll be prompted to make a full backup of your system, but other than this, we found the program works in the background, keeping track of files and applications that had been altered and then making changes to your backed up files on a regular basis.

This heuristic style of backup is due to the use of Continuous Data Protection (CDP), which is a far more intuitive way to work than setting a time and then backing everything up.

For files you are working on, such as Word or Excel files that are changed and saved repeatedly as you work, each change can be backed up as it is made.

It means that if you do travel regularly, you're files will be routinely saved, so you don't need to make a special backup before you travel.

A feature we like with this approach is that you can set the program to keep each changed file. So if you need to use a revised copy, you'll be able to find it without it effecting the current version.

When it comes to programs that stay open for long periods of the day, such as your email client or word processor, FileKeeper works in a slightly different way, taking a snapshot of the application folders at fairly regular intervals.

We found Yosemite FileKeeper 2.8 worked exceedingly well and as it runs with a very small footprint isn't resource heavy, which is something of a surprise considering how it works. Overall, this is an impressive back-up tool that should be used by laptop users regularly.