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WorkSmartLabs CardioTrainer review

CardioTrainer's collection of apps will turn your Android phone into the ultimate gym

WorkSmartLabs CardioTrainer
If fitness is your thing, then this Android app should help you out


  • GPS tracking
  • Voice notifications
  • Calorie counter


  • Some apps are limited in function

Much as everyone agrees that the best camera is the one you have with you, the convenience of your mobile phone makes it a great boost to fitness. CardioTrainer isn’t one app, but a whole suite – some parts free, some parts Pro – and varies in terms of usefulness.

Still, it’s a handy collection. The main app offers one-click tracking of your workouts, charting your position using GPS, and working out a rough estimate of calories burned based on your speed and stated activity.

It offers voice notifications of milestones (literal or figurative), as well as music control and Facebook integration if you want to show off.

By default, you access your archives with a code – no registration required – but you can tie your progress to a Google account for easier access.

The Pro version is geared around telling you what to do rather than just tracking your action, with programs, difficulty levels and interval training. It’s a $9.99 package.

This part of the suite works well, but some of the others feel a little rough. These include Calorific, which tries to simplify the tedious job of counting calories, but often confuses with its explanations of what you should record (“Chocolate bars are small or medium, depending on the size of the bar. A small piece of candy is tiny.”), while the weightloss planner ($2.99) only factors in one dedicated workout per day, and not, for instance, your walk into work.

Still, they’re optional, and fullyfunctional trials are available. If getting fit is what you crave, CardioTrainer works well.

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