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Laplink PCMover review

Migrate your PC without the fuss

PCMover moves everything without you needing to find your old discs

Our Verdict

Takes a lot of the stress out of moving to a new laptop, and is well worthy of consideration


  • Quick to install

    Works well


  • Careful preparation is needed

If you have just bought a new laptop, you'll be thinking of transferring your files and programs from your old PC to your new machine. The obvious way is to manually install the programs from their original discs and copy your files over.

This can be time-consuming and less than satisfactory.

Much better is to use a program like PCMover that moves everything without you needing to find your old discs. As it can all be done in one session, you can have your laptop up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

You'll need to install the program on both machines but, as it's a quick install, this is a simple matter. The boxed version of the software costs £40 (inc. VAT), but you'll find a USB cable is included, which is all you need to copy files over. If you have a home network, you won't need the cable as the software supports this too.

Once installed, you'll find the transfer program is simply a wizard-driven tool that prepares your files and programs for copying over. The length of time the actual transfer will take is all dependent on the amount of files you have, but if you leave it to run overnight, you'll find it done.

It's not all good news, as you'll need to prepare your old machine before you copy things over. This is due to PCMover not being subtle enough for you to elect not to move certain programs. To this end, it's best to delete any programs you don't want on your new machine.

On the plus side, it won't move driver and BIOS settings over as you won't need those, but everything else is taken, except for ant-virus tools, which you'll have to install manually on your new laptop. Any programs that need to be re-activated will need to be done so on your new system, so best to have any serial keys with you.

Laplink PCMover is a great tool that gets the job done in a fraction of time it would otherwise take you and, for this fact alone, it comes highly recommended.