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Edimax IC-7010PTn review

For under £200 this IP camera can be controlled remotely

Edimax IC-7010PTn
Remote control zooming might look funny, but is a great security feature on an IP camera


  • Camera can be controlled remotely
  • Infrared means it works well in the dark
  • Online interface is simple
  • Competitive price
  • Easy to install


  • Body isn't that solid
  • Image quality isn't great

Most other IP security cameras we've tested have been static. That means that once they're set up and pointed in a direction, you have to physically move them if you want to focus on a different area. The Edimax IC-7010PTn is different: it's a PTZ IP device, which means you can pan, tilt and zoom the camera and lens remotely.

This extra control often leads to a more expensive camera, but the Edimax IC-7010PTn is competitively priced. It can move 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically.

The pan, tilt and zoom functions give you leeway when installing the camera, and the camera's two wireless network aerials make things even easier.

Installation was easy, and the web browser interface offered plenty of options and ways to control the camera. Movement, motion detection and video and audio capture can all be controlled through the browser.

So far so good, but to achieve such a low price, Edimax has made some compromises. The first is that the casing feels far less robust than that of rival IP camera the Y-Cam EyeBall, and we'd hesitate to install it outdoors.

The second is that image quality isn't great, with a lot less detail than the Y-Cam EyeBall.

The infrared illuminators that surround the lens mean it works well in the dark, and can be set to turn on automatically at night. It wasn't as good as some more expensive IP night cameras, but for the price we can't complain.


The Edimax IC-7010PTn offers some great features, but doesn't bridge the gap between home and professional use as well as the Y-Cam EyeBall.

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