HP Slim Keyboard review

No frills, thin keyboard

HP Slim Keyboard
A straightforward and cheap - though well made - keyboard

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Getting a keyboard that suits your computing needs and is comfortable to use is one of the most important purchases you can make.

There's a huge variety of PC keyboards on offer, from huge ergonomic ones with hundreds of buttons for media playback and gaming alongside standard typing, to more simple mechanical keyboards that professional gamers swear by, thanks to their responsiveness and reliability.

There are also the initially unassuming slim keyboards that lack bells and whistles but concentrate on what we really want from a keyboard - dependable and comfortable typing.

The HP Slim Keyboard is one of the latter types of keyboard, with the bare minimum of features. Of course this isn't a bad thing if you want a slim keyboard without paying extra for features and buttons you're never going to use.

The few features this keyboard does have are two adjustable height positions to help make typing on it more comfortable, and quiet, responsive keys.

Although typing on this keyboard isn't quite as comfortable or as fast as with an ergonomically designed keyboard, it still feels good, thanks to these features. Media and volume controls are also included.


If you're looking for a thin keyboard that doesn't take up much space on the desk, then the no-frills HP Slim Keyboard is worth a look.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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